Beyond No was an exhibition at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. in February 2001. During the two-hour performance, the body held the same position while singing a constant meditation on the “meaning of no”. In the days after this performance, viewers of the exhibition could press a button in the gallery and hear a 3-minute recording of the sound from this performance. The pneumatic (air filled) forms were wrapped in plaster bandages. Each round form measures approx. 30” in L, W, & H. The fluorescent lights in each quadrant of the ceiling were designed as an integral part of the installation. The stack of material that the body stands on during the performance is made from 24” square layers of 1/4” white foam material. The performance costume was constructed from a hemp material.


The Boston Globe: Beyond No Moves Beyond Trauma and Toward Recovery by Cate McQuaid, March 2, 2001, pg. D12